Classroom Procedures/Expectations

Classroom procedures and expectations are for your benefit.  The following will help you do your work with less confusion and help you to succeed!

Entering the Classroom – Quietly walk into the classroom and get out your materials and begin working on project or assignment.

Leaving During Class – Elementary:  take Art Pass palette.

End of Class – 5-10 minutes (based on materials) before the bell, put away all materials and projects, clean work area, sit in seat for the bell, push stool in when dismissed.

Name on Work – make sure your name/class is clearly written on project and stored in a safe place:  art locker/shelf, etc.  Sketchbooks, assignments, etc. – write name, date, and number of sketch on bottom right hand corner of paper and turn into appropriate black crate.

Cleaning Up – Art is messy, we all must work together to keep the classroom as a workable space.  You will have to be responsible and clean up after yourself!

  • Put supplies away in appropriate places
  • Store projects in designated location
  • Clean sinks and counters – put sponges on top of sink, drape washrag on facet
  • Wash/dry off tables
  • Pick up trash on floor

Washing Hands

  • 2 students at each sink at a time
  • Turn water on low so it doesn’t spray everywhere
  • Dry hands with a SMALL piece of paper towel
  • Wipe down sink area when finished

Lining Up and Attention – sit silently for teacher to call tables to line up, push stools in, when teachers says “Mona”, students reply “Lisa” and students immediately have:

  1.  Eyes on teacher
  2.  Mouths closed and silent
  3.  Hands still

Asking a Question – Ask 3 before me!  If another student is not able to help, raise your hand and wait for teacher to come help you.

Storage Closet – Off limits, no exceptions!

Computers – Project, sketchbook, classroom research ONLY!  Email or share document to for teacher to view or print.  You will lose your computer privileges if you are emailing or not using the computer for classroom purposes.  Everyone using the Internet MUST fill out an Internet Permission Slip.

Pencils – Elementary students will trade a dull/broken pencil for a sharpened pencil as needed.

Art Supplies – put all materials back where they belong.  Wipe off and close glue bottles, recap markers, etc.

Checking Out Materials – use check out sheet to take materials out of classroom, must be returned promptly when finished


  • Check that artwork is clean, complete, and you’ve signed your work
  • Finish any previous projects
  • Read an art book
  • Art starts – pull an idea out of the head and use this to begin a drawing
  • Activity sheet – tear out an activity sheet from the folders
  • Sculpey – create a 3-D form with sculpey, do not mix colors
  • Art Memo or Izzi – play matching games, be sure to keep track of pieces and replace properly in box when finished

Recycling – Please recycle ALL non-glossy paper.  Do not recycle:  construction paper, bright papers, newspaper, magazines, any paper with paint or glue, napkins, trash of any sort.

Alarms – if you hear an alarm, stay calm, turn voices off, listen for directions

  • Evacuate:  leave your stuff behind, form a line at North class door, exit building and follow teacher
  • Lockdown:  move away from sight, maintain silence

Assigned Seats – MS and Elementary students are expected to sit in their assigned seats unless permission is granted by the teacher or the teacher makes changes.

Respect Artwork – NEVER touch, draw, paint, etc. on anybody’s work but your own!  Give other’s work only positive comments.  Always be mindful of your actions in here so we can keep artwork safe!

Work Quietly – I allow students to talk quietly while they create but I expect silence when I have something to say.  Please keep your voices at a minimum to allow others to have an enjoyable learning and creating experience.

Music – When music is playing, the expectation is to work quietly so all students can hear the music.

A.R.T. – If the “A” is taken down, the class gets a warning to quiet voices.  If the “R” is taken down, the class loses talking privileges for a specified time.  If the “T” is taken down, the class works silently until the end of class.

PAWsitive Bobcats Reward – If the A.R.T. remain up at the end of the class, the class will be rewarded a paw.  After 5 paws, students will choose an art related activity/game to play for one class period.


  • Cell phone usage other than for academic purposes or to listen to music!
  • Food or drink other than water in spill-proof bottle.
  • Peace signs, hearts, smiley faces, ying/yangs or any other overused symbol, be original, be creative!
  • Cards, notes, name signs, paper airplanes.
  • Inappropriate images, words, etc. in artwork.
  • Artwork put in trash anywhere on school property, must take home!