Classroom Procedures/Expectations


Classroom procedures are for your benefit.  The following procedures will help you do your work with less confusion and help you to succeed!

Entering the classroom – Quietly walk into the classroom, sit in your assigned seat, and be ready for instruction.

Leaving the classroom – Restroom, drink, or nurse – take art pass.

End of the period – Put away all materials and projects, clean work area, and sit in your seat for the bell.  The table that is clean, quiet, and ready to go will line up first.

Clean-Up – Art is messy, so we all must work together to keep the classroom as a workable space.  You will have to clean up after yourself!

Attention – I have a procedure when I want your undivided attention. You will here me say “CLASS”, you will respond with “YES” in the same manner, at that time I need you to:

  • Look at me.
  • Be quiet.

Music – When music is playing, the expectation is to work quietly so all students can hear the music.

A.R.T. – If the “A” is taken down, the class gets a warning to improve behavior.  If the “R” is taken down, the class loses talking privileges.  If the “T” is taken down, the class cleans up and sits silently until the end of class.

Star Class – If the A.R.T. remain up at the end of the class, the class will be rewarded a star. After 5 stars, students will choose an art related activity/game to play for one class period.

Asking a question – Ask 3 before me!

Storage closet – Off limits, no exceptions!

Recycling – Please recycle ALL appropriate items: copy or drawing paper, envelopes, magazines, newspaper INSERTS.  Do not recycle: construction paper, bright papers, any paper with paint or glue, napkins, trash of any sort.


Respect others work – NEVER touch, draw, paint, etc. on anybody’s work but your own! Give other’s work only positive comments.  Always be mindful of your actions in here so we can keep artwork safe!

Work quietly – I usually allow students to talk while they make artwork, but I expect quiet when I have something to say.  Please keep your voices at a minimum to allow others to have an enjoyable learning and creating experience.


If you complete an assignment, you will work on the drawing topic on the whiteboard.  You may use pencils and paper in the box.


Students will be awarded Mona Art Bucks to be used for the Holiday Bizaar.


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